How Can I Apply for a Chase Business Credit Card

Apply for a Chase Business Credit Card

Questions about Chase business credit cards are very simple. But in some places people get confused. This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Chase Corporate Credit Card.

Business Information

When you apply for a Chase Business Credit Card, you will be asked for basic business information such as your name and address on the homepage. And an annual salary if you have a secondary job that is self-employed or non-employed. You will be considered the owner. It is defined by industry only. Enter 1 under the employee field number. you will be yourself

You can use your name as your company name and personal mailing address. Here you need to estimate the annual income of your business. This could be the expected return for next year. Therefore, give a high estimate. If you don’t make a lot of money, don’t worry. The bank will also take into account your personal income.

If you have an EIN (Employer Identification Number) or can use your Social Security number, you can find it under “Tax Number.”

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Personal information

The next page asks for your personal information, such as a simple credit card request. As a sole proprietor, you must identify yourself as the “owner”. The Certified Manager field must contain your name, home address, and total annual income. Your total annual income may include your job, your job, and your spouse’s income.

On the next page, ask for your phone number. (Business and person may be the same), email address, date of birth, Social Security number. And your mother’s name

Employee cards

Finally, on the last page, you have the ability to add an employee card when applying for a Chase corporate credit card. You do not have to do this. What if you have someone you trust who will occasionally buy something for your business? Employee cards are a great way to help you get the lowest signup bonus. Make sure you trust the cardholder. Because they can protect you at all costs.

Wait for Approval

When you submit the last page, you are responsible for notifying us that your application has been approved, rejected, or processed. The last option is probably more. In this case, you can decide within a week. The waiting period is 30 days, during which time we may contact you and ask you to provide additional information about your business. You can call the Chase Auto Status Helpline at 1-800-432-3117. You can check the progress of the application at any time.

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Everything you Need to know About Chase Business Credit Cards and 24/7 rules.

If you are applying for a Chase Business credit card, you must understand the Chase 5/24 rules. Chase credit cards are not accepted. Business credit cards are also subject to this rule. That is if you have opened more than 4 accounts in the last 2 years. You have to wait to apply.

Fortunately, the 5/24 rule applies to tracking credit cards. It’s not integrated. This means that if you apply for Chase’s corporate credit card, Chase will notify the business lounge of more corporate credit cards and will not count up to the 5/24 limit. The consumer credit office, aka the card, doesn’t show up on your personal credit report.

How is a Chase Business Credit Card Approved?

Chase Business Credit Card

Approval is not guaranteed when applying for a Chase Business Credit Card, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances of being accepted. Here are some suggestions.

Improve your credit score:

When applying for a Chase Business credit card, you need a credit score of 680 or higher, but a score of 720 or higher is your best bet.

Use the chase to lower your credit limit.

Chase doesn’t like to give too much credit to client revenue. You already have large credit limits, so it’s common to turn them down. In general, the total credit limit of all Chase personal and Chase business credit cards should not exceed 50% of your income. In addition, if you are within these limits, you should not exceed 75,000. Please request a lower limit on your existing Chase credit card before signing up.

Chase Bank Business Checking Account

Cancel your credit card order.

Chase didn’t want to see a recent test. If you open a Chase Business credit card within the past 30 days, it will not be accepted unless you have opened 4 or 5 Chase credit cards in the past 6 months. If not, it will exceed 5/24. You will need to wait a few minutes before applying for a Chase commercial credit card.

Branch contact information:

Those who apply for a Chase business credit card from a branch rather than online are more likely to get approval and get greater discounts on signing up. If you have a branch near you, you need to apply directly

Wait longer at work:

You don’t have to work 10 years to set a 6-year record to get your Chase business credit card approved. Rejection is very common for short-term businesses and low-income people. Those who have been in the industry for more than two years and earning more than $ 2,000 a year are more likely to get approved.

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Best Tracking Business Credit Card in 2022

1. The Ink Business Cash Credit Card

Chase Business Credit Card

Cash business credit cards are a good card for many small business owners. Cardholders who buy 25,000 each year from office equipment, the Internet, cable TV, and phone stores can get a 5% refund. Co-shopping at gas stations and restaurants can earn 2% in cash for the first 2,000 25,000 per day. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn by purchasing other cards. The annual fee for the card is $ 0, but the prizes for these two categories are limited to $ 25,000.

As an added motivation, new cardholders will receive 7,750 cashback after spending 7,500 in the first three months after opening an account.

Use this card to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points (75,000 registered reward points, 750 cash, gift cards, Ultimate Rewards Portal, and more).


1. 0$ per year

2. High rate of return on generic purchases

2. The Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

Chase Business Credit Card

Business Unlimited Credit Card  0$ year membership fee option, suitable for unimaginable monthly activities. For every purchase made for your business, you will receive an unlimited refund of 1.5%.

The benefits of registration are offered just like a cash business credit card. If you purchase 7,500 within the first three months of opening your account, you will receive a $ 750 cash benefit.


1. 0$ per year

2. Unlimited bonus 1,5%

3. Ink Business Preferred Card

Chase Business Credit Card

The Inc. Business Preferred Card is a must-have credit card for frequent travellers.

First, buy the first US $ 150,000 and you will earn 3 points for $ 1. Also, the most common operating costs are required for travel. You can only earn triple points for business expenses like cables, charging, internet, telephone and advertising. Quickly collect points and redeem them for travel and family vacations to reduce travel costs.

The annual membership fee for the card is $ 95, but the welcome bonus must be paid within the first year. If you want to take advantage of the continuous growth of 25% when you use travel points. You can actually change the annual membership fee for the next few years. Before considering many other benefits

We often write different methods. Widespread use of Chase Ultimate Rewards for maximum value.

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