PayPal Card Cash

What is a Paypal card cash?

Paypal card cash is a MasterCard bank card associated with your PayPal Cash Plus account. You can use this card to make purchases at retail stores, ATMs, and withdraw cash from your PayPal balance.

If you want to withdraw cash, you can use 33,000 Moneypass ATMs for free.

Once MasterCard is approved, you can use and charge it at 100,000 retailers (although it can cost as little as $ 4.95).

PayPal Card Cash

With a PayPal debit card you can:

1. Instant access to funds from your US account.

2. Use PayPal money to make purchases in stores that accept Mastercard or online stores.

3. Withdraw funds from your PayPal Cash Plus account nationwide or check your PayPal Cash Plus balance at MoneyPass ATMs nationwide for free without paying any fees.

4. Withdraw money from your PayPal Cash Plus account from ATMs around the world. ATMs for remittances are not clearly marked and a fee of $2.50  will be charged.

5. Protect yourself from fraudulent payments sent from your account.

6. Use your Paypal card cash to replenish the account balances of thousands of merchants nationwide who support cash loading.

PayPal Cash is not a credit card, so no credit confirmation is required. There are no annual or monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements.

How can I order or request a Paypal card cash?

To apply for a Paypal card cash, click Get Card on the PayPal Debit Card page and follow the instructions to get your card.

What do you want to do:

PayPal Card Cash

1. I have a personal PayPal account.

2. Become a PayPal member. There are no obvious problems with the Solution Center.

3. You have a valid phone number in your PayPal account.

4. I have a complete confirmation address. (Not a mailbox) Follow the steps below.

One type. Once your credit card is bound, a monthly statement will be sent to this address.

Apply for a B-PayPal credit product, get approval and verify your full address.

5. Add your date of birth and Social Security number to your PayPal account.

PayPal Cash is not a credit card, so no credit confirmation is required.

With a Paypal card cash you can:

1. Use PayPal to get funds instantly.

2. Use PayPal money to make purchases in stores that accept Mastercard or online stores.

3. Withdraw money from PayPal at ATMs around the world.

4. Add money to PayPal to tens of thousands of merchants nationwide who accept top-ups.

Is there a charge?

There is no annual or monthly fee for obtaining a PayPal debit card. When withdrawing money using a PayPal payment card or Moneypass ATM, there are no in-store or online shopping fees, but ATM and PayPal fees are not included. See pricing details.

How much does it cost to pay with a Paypal card cash?

PayPal credit cards do not charge annual or monthly fees. All card-related fees can be found on the PayPal Credit Card Fee Summary website and there are no overdraft fees. PayPal prepaid cards fund your PayPal Cash Plus account. If your PayPal Cash Plus account does not have sufficient funds to pay for the purchase, the purchase will be rejected at the time of sale. Plus, cash withdrawals from 25,000 Money Pass ATMs nationwide are free.

How can I use my Paypal card cash at ATM?

PayPal Card Cash

To use a PayPal debit card at an ATM, please use the PayPal debit card and the PIN generated when the card was activated. Remember, there is no fee to withdraw cash from 25,000 Moneypass ATMs nationwide.

How can I set or change my Paypal card cash PIN?

PayPal Card Cash

To set up or change the PayPal credit card PIN code:

1. Click PayPal Credit Card on the “Overview” page.

2. Click on the management card.

3. Click “Change” in the pin section of the section.

Enter a 4.4 digit PIN and confirm.

5. Click the Change Password button.

6. The new PIN code will take effect immediately.

Tips and warnings For security reasons, PayPal team members cannot reset the PIN on a PayPal prepaid card.

Here is how to set or change the PIN in the mobile application.

1. Sign in to the PayPal app

2. Upper right corner Click the settings gear icon

3. Click on your PayPal credit card.

4. Click on Change PIN code

5. Follow the steps to change/confirm the new PIN code.

How can I click on my Paypal card cash?

For PayPal prepaid cards, please use the amount in your PayPal Cash Plus balance.

PayPal Cash Card can be used to deposit funds into PayPal Cash Plus accounts at over 85,000 retailers nationwide such as CVS, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, 7-11, Walgreens, Walmart. Paypal. Please do not pay for this service. However, depending on the retailer, retail prices may vary. Please ask the cashier for the service fee.

Please give employees cash to start visiting participating retailers. The operator sends your card to the payment terminal to load the money into your account.

The daily cash limit is 500 1,500 and the monthly limit to top up cash using a PayPal card or app is 5,000 USD.

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