How to Bypass Venmo phone verification?

How to Bypass Venmo phone verification

You can use Burner Phone to bypass Venmo phone verification or dial a friend’s number as the authentication method, but there is no guarantee that authentication will succeed. We recommend that you use your phone number for confirmation.

You can skip the authentication process. Venmo allows you to use the app without checking your phone number. However, you cannot send, transfer or receive money to your bank account.

We also cannot accept payments in Venmo. Enter your phone number and email address in Venmo so that others can pay using your number and email.

If you don’t enter a phone number If someone trades using your phone number, you will not receive payment:

Venmo requires your mobile number and email address for verification. Also, if you want to get the most out of Venmo, we recommend using Venmo to verify your phone number.

It might be unexpected. However, there is no point in engaging in unethical processes that require accreditation.

Don’t settle for bad practices, especially if it violates certain rules. If so, this violates Venmo’s Terms of Service.

If you’re having trouble viewing your phone in Venmo, don’t worry. You are not alone. Many users face the same problem.

Contains a detailed guide on How to Bypass Venmo phone verification.

Let’s take a look at the details so as not to waste time.

What is Venmo Phone Verification?

Venmo Verification, in simpler terms, is the process of providing proof that your account really belongs to you. This is for the safety of your money.

Why Do I Need to Check My Phone in Venmo?

The company registration process is clear. You will need your phone number to verify your new account. There are good reasons for this approach.

Finding a phone number isn’t easy. This can reduce the number of spam accounts.

Helps keep track of potentially fraudulent accounts

You can use the phone for two-factor authentication.

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Why is Venmo Phone Authentication so Important?

Bypass Venmo phone verification
Why is Venmo Phone Authentication so Important

The importance of checking Venmo accounts is to help companies reduce the number and number of spam accounts.

You can also use your phone number for two-factor authentication when trying to protect your account from hackers.

Plus, phone verification allows Venmo to easily detect fraud and alert customers.

You will not be able to deposit, transfer or receive money into your bank account without Venmo’s phone confirmation.

Venmo Phone Authentication: Guide

As mentioned at the beginning of this article. Scrolling through a Venmo phone number is unethical. Sources claiming to help avoid investigation may also be at high risk of Venmo’s bans and false allegations.

Help your clickbait post or video get more views. But surely, it’s impossible to bypass Venmo’s phone verification, so it’s not worth the investment.

If you have trouble with the review process, please read the steps below. We have done our best to include actions that can be implemented without help.

When you’re ready, go to step 1.

Step 1: Open the Venmo app or website.

Open Venmo on your mobile device or PC.

You can continue by opening the Venmo app for Android or iOS or by visiting the official Venmo website.

Step 2: Sign up for Venmo

If you haven’t registered yet, you will need to register with Venmo.

If you are already registered, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Find the verification code

You will receive a confirmation code after registration.

However, if you are already registered, you will need to request the verification code again. Proceed to the next step to continue.

Step 3a: Go to Settings.

Open the Venmo app or website and go to the app settings.

Step 3b: Select Change phone number.

Look for the option to change your phone number on the settings page.

Step 3c: Enter your phone number again

Now you have to re-enter the phone number.

There is no need to add a new number. You can enter the same number again.

In addition to entering the correct phone number, you will receive a verification code.

Step 4: Enter the Venmo verification code

Receive SMS from the 5-digit number (86753) you need to add

Step 5: Wait for confirmation

That’s it, now you have to wait for Venmo to confirm the notification.

Venmo will notify you after confirmation.

That’s all.

You have verified your number on Venmo.

If you can’t get a verification code or message from Venmo, please see the Getting Started Guide below.

Amendment 2

  1. If you haven’t received your verification code, click the “Resend Verification Code” button on the Venmo app or website.
  2. If you want to send a message to Veno, send “START” to 86753.
  3. If the problem persists, try these steps again from another device. You can use any mobile device or computer. First, log in with the same account credentials.
  4. If the problem persists, you can contact Venmo support to report the problem.

You can continue to use Venmo without a reference phone number. But we think it doesn’t make any sense. You cannot send money to your bank account. Or send or request money from a friend or family member.

Verify your phone number to take advantage of popular payment apps.

DoNotPay Helps you Verify Venmo Without a Phone Number.

Bypass Venmo phone verification
Do Not Pay Helps you Verify Venmo Without a Phone Number

Research shows that consumers no longer trust information from large companies. Companies like Facebook and Venmo often collect personal information from users and sell it to companies. If you don’t have a backup number or don’t want to share your number with Venmo, you will need to use the DoNotPay landline feature.

You can skip the verification process by creating a temporary phone number. Follow these steps to easily access services that require a phone number that you can use to verify Venmo and other services.

  1. Log in to DoNotPay from your web browser.
  2. Go to the Burner Phone tab
  3. Enter the company name for the phone verification.
  4. Click [Create Temporary Number].

Can I  Bypass Venmo Phone Verification?

There is no way to get phone verification from Venmo because you have to enjoy all the services the app has to offer.

However, if the thought of removing your smartphone for checking seems dangerous, you can do the following, commonly known as the Venmo phone verification bypass.


So far in this article, I have provided interesting explanations on how to bypass Venmo phone verification. Venmo cannot be used without verification. But there is a way to verify your phone without using your phone number directly.

These methods are called bypassing Venmo’s phone number verification, and this article describes four of them

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