How to Accept Payments From Paypal

Accept Payments From Paypal

Accept Payments From Paypal

Accept Payments From Paypal customers can pay their bills securely using their PayPal account. Allows you to choose the invoice to be paid by PayPal.

If you don’t have a PayPal merchant account and would like to Accept Payments From Paypal, you can register here.

Important: When you sign up for a PayPal account, PayPal will send you a welcome email linking your account. You will not be paid until you are connected to your account by following the instructions in the email

PayPal is an e-commerce company that manages personal transfers and online commerce. PayPal allows customers to pay for products and services and send money to anyone through their email accounts. Pay in 24 countries / regions. AnyoneAccept Payments From Paypal following the simple steps below.

By Placing a PayPal Payment Button on Your Website.

Accept Payments From Paypal

Accept Payments From Paypal

1. Place a payment button on your business website. If you don’t have an account yet, create a PayPal business account first. Customers can then easily pay using a credit card, debit card, or checking account by clicking the Checkout button on the website.

PayPal allows you to send invoices using the buttons. Customers can pay instantly using the PayPal “Pay Now” link.

2. Log into your account on the PayPal home page. You will need to enter the email address and password you have chosen for your account.

3. Create and click a payment button on your website.

4. Select the desired button. You can select different types of text for the button, such as “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart, Donate”. Enter the required information about the product or service and click the Create button.

When you sell a product, you need to know the shipping costs and taxes that will be added to your invoice.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see other options you can use to track and customize PayPal’s features.

5. Cloick the Button  “Save Changes”

Accept Payments From Paypal Using your Mobile Device

Accept Payments From Paypal

Accept Payments From Paypal

1. Download the PayPal app on your smartphone. This application is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Install the application on the device.

2. log in to Your PayPal Account. If you have not a account then Create your PayPal account.

3. In the Settings section, click to create the payment schedule.

4. Enter the purchase amount, select “Card” on the next page and swipe the card with a card reader. Position the card so that the tabs are reversed.

As you swipe, move quickly and smoothly to make sure all magnetic strips pass through the card reader.

You can accept credit card payments even if you don’t have your own card reader. You will be asked to manually enter your card details or to scan using your mobile phone.

5. The customer signs the smartphone directly. Click Finish Purchase to complete the sale and get paid.

Check out PayPal  trading.

In addition to accepting PayPal payments, you can also use the PayPal app to view PayPal transactions in one place. Once you’ve started accepting PayPal payments, go back to your app’s customer payment options and click /. Click on the PayPal section. Here you can view the latest PayPal transactions such as customer name, receipt number, payment amount.

Unlinking your PayPal Account

If for any reason you wish to log out of your existing PayPal account, you can Unlinking your PayPal account. If your account is closed, your customers will not be able to pay with PayPal. If you re-enable this feature, you will need to restart the installation process.

Note that if you unlink your account, not all transaction records will appear in the app the next time you reconnect your account.

Mobile Phones

1. Click the button on uper right corner ”profile icon”

2. Click the customer’s payment option.

3. Click PayPal.

4. Click the buttton on uoer rirht corner ”three dots”

5. Click the link

6. Click to disconnect PayPal.

World Wide Web

1. Click the member’s name

2. Click Accounts & Settings.

3. Click Customer Payment Options.

4. Click the three dots next to PayPal.

5. Click the link image with the strikeout next to your email address.

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