Does Kroger Take Apple Pay? [Complete Guide]

Does Kroger Take Apple Pay?

In this article we talk about Kroger Take Apple Pay The Simple answer is, Unfortunately, Not Kroger Take Apple Pay in any of its stores until 2022. Customers can download the Kroger Pay app on their iPhones to sign up for self-service and wireless payments. Kroger only accepts debit cards, credit cards, American Express, personal checks, and cash as payment methods.

Read below to learn more about the other payment methods Kroger accepts and how to pay Kroger wirelessly using your iPhone.

Does Kroger InstaCart Use Apple Pay?

When using Instacart to make purchases with Kroger, you cannot use Apple Pay, it does not accept payments through the Kroger app, or you can pay with Instacart through the Kroger Pay app or with debit credit cards.

When Will Kroger Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Kroger doesn’t have time to use Apple Pay Store as a payment method. Instead, it launched Kroger Kroger Pay, a convenient digital payment option for all customers.

KrogerPay users can make self-service payments on their iPhones, reducing payment times. Kroger accepts all debit, credit, American Express, check, and cash payments.

How to keep Paying With Kroger on iPhone

Kroger Pay is a mobile payment solution launched by Kroger in 2019 to provide iPhone users with a fast payment experience.

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Kroger Pay Generates a One-time QR Code

From here you can scan this QR code at checkout and send your payment information securely from your phone to the store’s PINpad.

Kroger Pay securely integrates customer payment and loyalty card information for a faster and more convenient experience.

Even if iPhone users don’t use NFC technology like Apple Pay, it’s a great way to make non-communication payments for those looking to shop from Craig.

Why Doesn’t Kroger Take Apple Pay?

Kroger Take Apple Pay
Kroger Takes Apple Pay

In 2020, Kroger started experimenting with Apple Pay. After the trial ended, Kroger had no interest in Apple Pay and stopped using Apple Pay.

Kroger also has its own payment system called Kroger Pay. It’s cheaper than Apple Pay, so it can boost your earnings.

How Do I Pay for Kroger with My Mobile Phone?

Kroger Pay lets you use your phone as a convenient mobile payment solution when shopping at Kroger. Generate a one-time QR code and scan the QR code at checkout to complete the checkout.

To pay, you need to scan the QR code on your phone and send your payment information to the store’s PIN pad. The system seamlessly combines this information with payment data stored on your phone to process your payment.

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What Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept?

Kroger Take Apple Pay
Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept

Kroger uses a variety of payment methods.

We accept all major credit cards including:


American Express



You can also use traditional payment methods such as cash and personal checks.

If you have a WIC or SNAP/EBT card, we also accept these payment methods.

If you subscribe to Kroger, you can pay for purchases using Kroger Pay.

Kroger Pay accepts grocery purchases and generates QR codes on your phone.

The QR code contains all the information about Kroger Pay and payment methods.

Scan the QR code on the exit lane.

The transaction is ongoing and completed.

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What Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept?

Like other major grocery stores, Kroger accepts debit and credit cards like American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

Kroger also accepts cash, personal checks, WIC cards, and SNAP/EBT cards.

In addition, Kroger announced that it is considering adding other payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, mobile banking apps, and other non-telecom payment methods.

However, Kroger had to stop using Apple Pay and other mobile payment services.

The reason for the decision is unclear, but Kroger has launched its own mobile payment service called Kroger Pay.

Replaces payment services like Apple Pay on all participating Kroger sites.

Other contactless payment methods are used by Kroger.

Scan, Bag, Go: With Scan, Bag, Go technology, customers can scan food using their mobile device and pay through the Kroger app.

SNAP/EBT facility: You can order food for free delivery or pick it up through the Kroger mobile app or after receiving your order. You can pay with your SNAP/EBT card. Make sure to select EBT when paying.

What Payment Methods Does Kroger Use?

Kroger is a huge grocery store. Known for multiple payment methods, Kroger offers credit cards, debit cards, EBT cards, checks, and cash.

Other non-traditional payment methods are also used, including Kroger credit cards, Kroger gift cards, and major non-American Express credit cards. Some of the store options include:

Kroger Credit Card

The Kroger credit card is a store card developed by Kroger and Synchrony Bank. It is not a traditional credit card and unlike other store cards. Some verification is required to use the Kroger credit card.

This approval process depends on your history with Kroger and how you apply for a credit card at their store. If your credit card is not accepted You can continue to use standard payment methods like cash, debit, EBT, etc., and control.

Kroger Discount Card

Kroger offers two different discount cards. One card is called a store loyalty program discount card. and the other is a branded discount card. The loyalty program discount card is free. Simply register for the loyalty program on the Kroger website to receive your card.

Also, if you don’t want to register online You can register directly at the checkout. Get these cards at MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. There are no monthly fees or overdrafts for the cards.

Kroger EBT card

Kroger accepts EBT cards in every store. You can use EBT at any store that accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.

Kroger check out

Kroger accepts personal checks in most locations. As long as you have a valid check guarantee card.

Unlike the Personal Check Guarantee card, which guarantees the cardholder the check is issued. You can apply for a check guarantee card at the store.

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Where Can I Use Kroger Pay?

  • Kroger Pay is implemented by the company’s Kroger family at their US store locations. including contactless POS terminals
  • Kroger Pay can also be used on the moderator island in the store. self-payment Co-payment in in-store pharmacies and beer, wine, and spirits shops
  • However, Kroger Pay is not currently available in pharmacies. Kroger gas stations, select Kroger independent retailers, or other non-Kroger stores.
  • for pickup and delivery, You must confirm at your preferred Krieger receiving terminal that the Kroger payment has been accepted.

Can you use Apple Pay in the Kroger App?

Kroger stores do not accept Apple Pay, or customers can pay in person and register wirelessly using an internal app called Kroger Pay.

Can you use Apple Pay at a Kroger Gas Sation?

You can’t use Apple Pay at Kroger gas stations. Using an NFC chip for close communication with your phone, Kroger replaces Apple Pay at gas stations or pharmacies.

Can You Pay Without a Phone at Kroger?

Kroger offers a wide range of contactless payment methods. Including Scan, Bag, and the Go app, the app makes it easy for customers to scan food and pay through the Krager app.

Final Thoughts

Kroger allows its customers to use a variety of payment services when paying online and in stores. but does not accept payments with Apple Pay

When shopping at Kroger, you can use other non-communication payment methods such as SNAP / EBT, Kroger Pay, Scan, Bag, and Go Card.

Kroger uses QR codes to make payments quickly and securely. and link the customer’s payment information to the member account